How Do I REALLY Sell My House Fast in Chesapeake?

Today we’re gonna talk about the absolute best time to sell a house.

So when is the best time to sell a property?

Well, the truth is it depends.

If you bought it the right way, then anytime should be the right time.

However, will there be times in the market that are more advantageous than others? Try this one for a minute: Consumers and investors usually follow separate and opposite tracks.

So when all the consumers are buying up real estate, do you know what investors are typically doing? That’s when they’re selling! When everyone is in this buyer’s market, that’s when you can usually sell for the highest price and that’s when investors wanna trade into different properties.

How to Sell Your House for More Than It’s Worth

But the opposite is also true.

When all of the consumers are dumping and saying “The sky is falling and it’s the worst investment that we saw in ’07 and 2008 and 9 and 10!”.

What were investors like me doing? We’re buying up everything like crazy! WarrenBuffett – he had his own hedge fund at the time.

He was buying 30.

40,000 homes per-year into the markets that actually were totally decimated.

How To Sell Your House By Owner

So, best time to sell a home is really at the market high before it falls out is when you’re going to really cash in on top dollar.

But if your strategy requires that, then you may have in fact, the WRONG strategy.

Because if the market is ever turning and moving it away that it’s not advantageous for you, you should be able to continue holding that home, cash flowing it, and continuing to make money on it.

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One of the very best — and also first — house turning ideas you need to know is to do your due diligence. It’s possible making a fortune flipping houses, and also it’s just as simple to lose your behind if you do not know what you’re doing. When it pertains to the solution as well as flip property game, there is much more than just rehabbing residential or commercial properties that require some restoration after that offering them off to the following person. So, to re-iterate: the first and most importantly residence flipping ideas is to enlighten yourself.

The Interpretation of “Flipping”.

When you are turning homes, you are acquiring a distressed residential property at a low cost and also reselling rapidly to somebody else at a substantial mark-up. While this is typically finished with run-down residential or commercial properties seeking improvement or “rehabbing,” properties similar to this are not the only video game around when it concerns deal with and flip realty transactions. Residences that are “up for sale by proprietor” are excellent candidates, as the seller is usually really inspired. Confiscated residential or commercial properties can additionally be acquired at a fantastic discount; you can locate these via banks as well as real estate workplaces that specialize in such points.

House Flipping Tips Number 2: Tracking And Nabbing Your Quarry.

Generally, the most effective candidates for a successful repair and also flip property transaction are those on which you could make the most significant profits with the least amount of time and also effort. As mentioned earlier, banks as well as home mortgage firms are prime hunting grounds, yet you may likewise discover deals at realty auctions. The only caveat here is that you are up against a great deal of competitors at a public auction; quotes obtain increased swiftly, and also you could not obtain the best offer.

Home Flipping Tips Number 3: Financing.

After you’ve done it a couple of times, you’ll possibly wind up with adequate cash available to get properties outright. However, when starting out rehabbing residential or commercial properties or doing your very first flip, you’ll probably should obtain a short-term home loan. The very best terms can be had if you could make a deposit of at the very least 5%, as well as ideally ten.

Certainly, it do without claiming that you absolutely must have a prepared buyer — or you’ll be stuck to a 2nd house that you could not easily offer and also can not pay for to keep. This alone might be the 2nd most important of all house flipping suggestions. You could utilize Internet resources here, however it additionally does not harmed to have a great deal of excellent networking in the real life, either.

Discover additional information regarding the flipping of house here.

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This is one of the reasons why one of my many rules in real estate is that I buy below the median.

Why do I do that on my short-term buy and holds? Because if the market ever turns AGAINST me, I’m gonna keep on cash flowing that property and those lower-priced homes – they don’t lose value like a million ora half a million dollar home does.

So Warren Buffett has this principle, right?He calls it the margin of risk.

And really when you talk about the best time to sella house, I wanna draw attention to how Warren Buffett has become a billionaire and the, one of the greatest philanthropist of our day and age; all based on a very simple principle you may have heard called Buy Low, Sell High, okay?

Warren is a really great example if you read his book Snowball, of an individual that really live his principles. He must have understood VirginiaInvesting.com!

He says if you wanna reduce your risk, you gotta increase your margin of profitability.

So it’s real simple:If you buy a house as an investor, you buy it with a lot of equity ’cause if you do, whether it’s the wrong or right time to sell, you can sell profitably! Understanding this principle is key for this next part: If you buy the right house, you can sell it anytime for great profit.

I’ve got an example here of the house that I’ve just recently sold.

This is a house that I sold and purchased in ’05 and sold in 2015.

So I’ve held onto this house for 10 years and here’s some background on this house: I actually leveraged a partner’s money and a partner’s credit to buy this house.

So how much money was I into this deal? I wasn’t in it at all.

And I used my staff and my team and we basically lined it up.

Now I have here the HUD.

This is actually the closing documents on selling this house where I received as you can see here a $38,986check.

But here’s the summary on this spread that I wanna point out.

I purchased this house in 2005 and we bought it for $109,000 and a down payment of 10% was $1,069.

My expenses over the life of holding this was 70,000 but my income was a 107.

What’s the difference? Roughly $37,000 that we got to make in cash flow and to down payments, deposits, along the way.

Then when we sold the house, we collected a check for $28,000 that me and my partner got to split afterI paid back my partner the $9,000 that he put in.

So he put in the money, he got paid back.

So basically there’s 28,000 of profits to split, there’s 37,000 that was made along the way, 37 and 28 is roughly $65,000, okay? So this tiny little house – 4 bedroom, 1 and a half bath, did a good job taking care of me.

Now let’s just for a moment take a look at the ROI.

I could’ve sold this house at any time but why did I sell it now? Well, it’s been a cash cow.

The little bit out, how do I know it’s a cash cow? For a moment, take a look at the ROI! We put in $9,000 but look at what we got out? $65,000! That’s a 720%increase.

Now, divide that over holding the home for10 years and that is 72% a year on your money.

Now, my business partner and I made 72% a year based on whose money? His money! He’s.

he and I get to split the ROI 36% each.

But let me ask you, if I put no money in, what is my real net ROI? It’s infinite! Think about it.

I didn’t put anything in, but I got all of that money coming back out to me.

So this is an example of ‘I could’ve sold this house at any time.

It’s been cash flow cowing.

Why did I really sell it?’.

Because the market was right! What do you do when the market’s wrong? Just keep making money and keep cash flowing! When you do real estate the right way, it can always be a great time to buy, hold, or sell.

which is why I love short-term buy and hold strategies ’cause I get to make my money along the way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video on the best time to sell your house.

Put some comments below! We’d love to respond and give you the help that you need as we work on turning you into a brilliant, bright, and successful real estate investor.

House Listings

I want to sell my house - so where do Istart? Well let's get into this topic so you can sell your house as quickly aspossible.

So I want to sell my house - where do I start? Perhaps a new addition to the family, you need another room, maybe the kids have gone off touniversity and it's time to begin to downsize.

Well as these changes have come about in your life and you're considering the next step, the first stepyou need to take is to make sure you get a good realtor to help you in thisprocess.

There are a number of ways you can go about this.

One way is you can aska friend or a family member that has dealt with a realtor recently and gowith a referral like this, another way is just to call a few of them and interviewthem and just see if there's a good connection between you all, but whateveryou decide and however you go about this process, it is important that the realtoryou find is a realtor who can aggressively market your home.

Now youcan put it on an MLS which is a multi listing service, your Realtor will helpyou do that, that's not a problem, we will all do that and just wait for the rightkind of traffic to come across this and there you go, you'll find somebody thatmay be willing to put down what you want or enter into negotiation for that housethat you're selling.

But if you find a realtor who does more than this, arealtor who aggressively markets the house with various forms of media, thathouse is going to sell, and it's going to be at the top of the pile and getting moretraffic than homes that are just listed and using the old school method justwaiting for traffic to go by and hopefully you'll find somebody who willmatch up with the property well.

So choose wisely, make sure that you have arealtor who can do good marketing for your home.

So once you find your realtorit's important to spend some time to speak to your realtor about your homeand how you can better present that home.

You know today many people watch realestate programs on HGTV and various other stations and of course theirexpectations as a result are very very high.

Also many go to new builds and in those new build sites they have model homesand these homes are done immaculately so obviously their expectations are veryvery high.

But if you take the time to just walk through your home with yourrealtor, this can be very helpful, if you do an assessment room by room you'llknow exactly what to take care of and this doesn't necessarily mean thatyou'll have to break the bank in order to do expensive remodeling or expensivestaging of your home.

Just taking a little bit of time to take care of thisin a good way with your realtor can make all the world of difference and get thathome sold right away! In the description to this video you'll find a link to ourPDF on 'How to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Sale', this will really helpyou with this step.

Remember, it's very difficult to change a first impression.

One of the most important things to get right is the pricing.

Pricing your homeright will determine whether or not it is sold quickly or it sits on the market.

The pricing of your home must reflect the true market value.

You know today many people have access to a lot of applications that help themsee what's on the market in a particular area, to know the homes that are thereand what they're being sold for, so it's important that you do a little homeworkyourself, get informed of the market area where your home is located, find out howmuch the homes are being sold for in that area, but most importantly here iswhere you're agent, your Realtor is so important.

You know yourRealtor is very informed of the market area, I mean this is what they do for aliving day to day, they will be able to get the home priced right.

That pricewill reflect the true market value of the home and this will position the homefor a quick sale.

If your home is sitting way too long on the market, what's goingto happen is that a prospective buyer is going to start to think, hey what's wrongwith this house, why isn't it selling and these questions are going to reallycause traffic to diminish.

Research shows that between the third and sixth week of the marketing process that's when the most potential buyers are attracted, so it isimportant that, first your home has the right pricing and second that there isgood aggressive marketing behind it.

You want to maximize traffic that's goingto view your home, draw them in to visit the home and put an offer on that home.

As I mentioned earlier, the visual presentation of your home is very veryimportant.

You know first impressions are very very hard to undo so you alwayswant to create the best possible first impression.

For this reason I don't recommend that you do mobile phone pictures.

Get a realtor who is going todo professional quality pictures.

You know today on search engines when people are looking at multi listing services and they're viewing the pictures, usuallywhen a picture is presented if it's of poor quality they're probably only going to view the first few pictures and they're gonnamove on to the next property, and this is something you don't want to happen toyour property.

Getting good quality pictures will keep them glued to thatscreen and they can really consider your house the way it should be considered, and actually today even video production is a very important part of themarketing process, so if your realtor is able to produce a video for you, this isideal.

You know this will really maximize the amount of eyes that will be lookingat your property and considering it for the next purchase.

When it comes tomarketing your home, gone are the old days of sitting in the backseat of yourreal estate agents car or following along behind and looking at multi homes.

Today the Internet has changed the whole experience for good.

Today people are onmulti listing services, they are also watching videos that are aggressivelybeing marketed through social media, so it is important that you're estate agent, your Realtor is up-to-date with all the modern modesof marketing, so make sure you make this one of your criteria in choosing yourestate agent.

That way the right kind of marketing will be put forth and you'llhave maximum exposure of your home and really entice those buyers to come andput an offer on your home and get it sold quickly.

If you found this videohelpful, please subscribe, we'd love to have you on board with us, we have a lotof helpful videos coming out that will have information that you'll find usefulwhether you're a buyer or you're interested in selling property.

Alsoshare this with a friend and leave a comment in the comment section, also ifyou'd like to call me, call me at the number that you see below, I'd love tohear from you and talk property with you, also remember that there is a PDF thereon 'How to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Sale', anyway, until next time, all the best!.

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